Benzininis generatorius Scheppach SG 3500 / Honda 2.8kW

Benzininis generatorius Scheppach SG 3500 / Honda 2.8kW

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Benzininis generatorius Scheppach SG 3500 / Honda

Everything you need in a classic portable generator including it being powered by Honda. Adapted to your needs the new scheppach SG 3500 is the ideal solution for all independent electricity requirements. Reliability in one compact generator.

Technical Data (Engine)
Single-cylinder, 4 stroke petrol engine HONDA GX200
Max. output (HP): 6,5
Displacement: 196 cm³
Starter: Recoil starter
Tank volume: 15 l
Fuel consumption (3/4 load): 1,3 l/h

Technical Data (Generator)
Voltage control: AVR-system
Max. output / rated output: 2800 W / 3000 W
Socket: 2 x 230 V
AC frequency: 50 Hz
Overload protection
Oil deficiency safety device
Digital multimeter - Voltage, frequency & total operating hour

Gas-operated generator
Ideal for your needs in weekend houses, on boats, for your garden, camp or construction site; wherever there is no power available
Noise level 67 dB at distance 7 m

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